Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

Performance 7/8 Sept. 2010 Hermitage St.Petersburg Russia

2009 NY Arts Beijing International Hegezhuang / Installation / Artfactory 798 China / Performance.
2008 Cultur Heritage CY / Installation / Performance at Border of last diveded City Nicosia Cyprus. 
2007 World Economic Forum in Davos / Performance / Exhibition in Davos.  
2005-2006 Gallery U-Bahnschacht 3, Berlin Potsdamerplatz 1, Performance / Installation. 
2005 Communicative Art project in Brazil / Newsletter from OCPA/UNESCO PARIS.
2001-2007 Performance on the road by Curation from the Swiss/Europe/Worldexhibition 
2002 Europaen Museum Kartause Ittingen, 3 month Art Residency to work in Performance on place.
2000-2001 Performance in New York (Text; NY Artsmagazine Iternatonal December 2000, you can read on by NYC projects)She sits at the Grand Station, at Broadway, China-Down, Central Park, at Place Pigalle, a current newspaper on her knees. The daily rags around the world are her canvas. The intent of these action " Comics" is expressionistic "free flow of everyday life." They speak of pasion, pathos, and skill. This "boulevard performance" mirrow from the inside of what passes outside. The process of tis action " Comics" is intuitive.

1999 was the beginning of the project motions paintings and portraits in the station of Glarus CH, where the artist Barbara Streiff lives and works. Scetches from the people, they was waiting and moving on place. This art is nt freshened, emotions and movement are allowed, and every body is welcome to be a part of this action. In the dark and quiet waiting room, where before was only the clock " tick-tac", comes live in.